All Dayz,
where you can see
what's happening in the world.
We grow photos of the world together. We grow photos of the world together.
Like the world is right in your pocket,
You can see what happens based on the map of world using 'All Dayz' in which users share valuable moments accumulatively. From a near place you are located around to where you would like to, catch sight of what kind of moments are like.

Why don't you explore the world in 'All dayz' right now?
Throughout Timeline,
See all history of photos people share from all around world so far, vertically scrolling up and down in order of chronological time. Get in trouble with too many photos to see in time-line history? You can fast move between time back and forth through by scrolling the blue scroll bar located on the right If needed.

It's like a time machine!?
As the latest as Live,
Every time users upload their moment from all around world, a live notification will appear in the bottom of screen as live to get you notified. Listen to what people are talking about all around world! All chat message from the world will be notified on top of screen as live real-time.

To become up-to-date with the world, Stay in 'All dayz'!
Sharing moment,
we grow photos of the world together.
In 'All dayz' where we grow photos of the world together, you can share your valuable moments to the world in the easiest way. Uploading the moments have never been simpler than this. Once your moments is uploaded, users from all around world will see and respond to you.

Share the world your moment, let's grow it together!